Icon depicting a hospital.

Cardiac Registry Upgrade

After postponing the hospital implementation in March due to the pandemic, the implementation was re-initiated in July. Key benefits and outcomes of this overall project includes:

  • New front end web application built using modern architecture and design standards, with improved data entry flow and functionality
  • Standardized service categories to collect and report cardiac data in a more meaningful way
  • Reduction of data burden through a new cardiac dataset
  • Cloud based system that is standards based (FHIR), which is scalable to future needs

As a way to re-introduce the upcoming project and to outline our need to work with their hospital resources in the coming months, a re-engagement letter outlining the project was issued to the Chief Executive Officers of the 20 participating hospitals on July 28, 2020. The project team has also engaged cardiac Hospital Administrators, Chief Information Officers, and all 20 participating hospitals through additional re-engagement letters (July 2020) and an official kick-off webinar (September 22, 2020). The hospital implementation is scheduled for completion April 12, 2021.

The requirements, development, and testing for the technical solution is progressing smoothly. Phase 1 work associated with the single-page web application is in final stages, with activities shifting focus to reporting, data migration, and electronic data exchange. An information session related to electronic data exchange and hospital readiness to participate in Phase 2 is scheduled for November 10, 2020, with a target audience of hospital Chief Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers. Phase 2 is slated for implementation in 2021/22.