2017-22 Strategic Plan

A Year of Transition

In April 2016, the Cardiac Care Network of Ontario and the Ontario Stroke Network merged to form one organization, with a mandate spanning cardiac, stroke and vascular care in the province. We immediately began our strategic planning process, a Board-led exercise to set the foundation for a reimagined and integrated entity, with a clear, unified and forward-looking mandate.

Our 2017–22 Strategic Plan reflects a culmination of input from more than 175 stakeholders—including staff, partners and key informants from across the healthcare system—regarding how our organization can best contribute to the improvement of cardiac, stroke and vascular care in Ontario.

The Plan was launched in June 2017, and presents a unified Vision, Mission, Principles & Values for the new CorHealth Ontario.

Our Strategic Directions

Given that this is the inaugural Plan of our new organization, our Strategic Directions have been tightly aligned to our organization’s Mission. We believe that this approach will serve to focus, clarify and reinforce our redefined role in the cardiac, stroke and vascular care community, and assist us in evolving our organization along a united path. The Directions are:

1. Drive evidence-informed practice
2. Inform planning, access and resource allocation
3. Measure and report on quality and outcomes


The overarching themes of our inaugural Strategic Plan include access, equity and patient outcomes across a broader, more integrated continuum of care, with increased attention to secondary prevention, rehabilitation and recovery.

The 2017-22 Strategic Plan builds on the core strengths of our legacy organizations, with an increased emphasis on:

  • Leveraging and building clinical leadership
  • More formally engaging partners
  • Integrating efforts across disease states and the system of care

To read our inaugural Strategic Plan, click here.

“CorHeaIth Ontario's 2017-22 Strategic Plan illuminates the core direction of our organization, the business we are in and the population we serve.”

Dr. Kevin Smith
Chair of the Board of Directors