CorHealth Ontario’s Advisory and Task Group Structure

CorHealth Ontario draws on the strength of our stakeholders’ expertise on projects and programs that help us fulfill our mandate. Through initiative-specific Task Groups and Committees, we are able to have our work be guided by expert clinicians, healthcare planners and thought leaders.

In 2018, CorHealth Ontario redesigned its Advisory and Task Groups to create a more effective and efficient model to identify provincial priorities. With deep stakeholder input and guidance, CorHealth Ontario redesigned the structure to ensure we draw on our network’s expertise in a standardized manner across our three clinical domains.

Click here to view our current high-level Advisory and Task Group Structure chart.

Board Subcommittees

The Board of Directors has three subcommittees that report into the Board. For a list of members of each of the subcommittees, click here.

The Business Services & Audit Committee (BSAC)
BSAC is responsible for matters related to the financial, human resources and business affairs of CorHealth Ontario. BSAC also reviews and recommends the approval of CorHealth Ontario’s annual audited financial statements as well as recommend independent auditors and their remuneration.

Clinical Advisory Council (CAC)
The CAC provides strategic advice to the Board on quality, performance, integration of care, and investment opportunities to improve care processes and outcomes.

Governance & Nominating Committee
The Governance and Nominating Committee has been established by the Board of Directors to support governance best practices and policies.

Leadership Councils

Three new Leadership Councils – one for each clinical domain –have been created to help identify and recommend improvement opportunities to CorHealth Ontario and ensure alignment between the organization and the health system.

Particular attention was paid to ensuring membership is a balanced representation of clinical expertise, system administration, organization and geography. Three experts in cardiac, stroke and vascular were selected to Chair their respective Leadership Council:

Cardiac Leadership Council Chair: Dr. Madhu Natarajan, Director, Hamilton-Niagara Integrated Heart Investigation Unit at Hamilton Health Sciences/Niagara Health System

Stroke Leadership Council Chair: Dr. Leanne Casaubon, Stroke Neurologist, Toronto Western Hospital – University Health Network

Vascular Leadership Council Chair: Dr. Sudhir Nagpal, Chief of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at The Ottawa Hospital

Click here to view the list of members for the Leadership Councils.

Advisory Committees, Task Groups & Working Groups

CorHealth Ontario is fortunate to have the support of highly-specialized experts on a number of smaller Advisory Committees, Task Groups and Working Groups, who then, report to the respective Leadership Councils. These generally focus on a specific initiative or priority, and may be time-limited.