Message from the CEO

First and foremost, I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the phenomenal work of clinicians, administrators, community care centres, and healthcare organizations providing cardiac, stroke, and vascular care to Ontarians, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. As the health system continues to work through the pandemic while also addressing the continuing needs of Ontarians, CorHealth continues to support its stakeholders to advance this care. Below are some highlights of this work:

COVID-19 Stakeholder Forums

Thank you to the Forum Chairs: Dr. Leanne Casaubon, Dr. Madhu Natarajan, Dr. Sudhir Nagpal, Dr. Paul Oh, and Dr. Heather Ross for facilitating discussion around relevant information, data, and modelling to support informed and timely decision making; and supporting the transfer of knowledge at the regional and sub-regional level to help care delivery across the province.

Cardiac, Stroke, and Vascular Leadership Councils

CorHealth and the Chairs of the Cardiac, Stroke, and Vascular Leadership Councils, who also chair the Forums, are working to refine and better differentiate the purpose of the Leadership Councils and Forums. Through this work, CorHealth is developing a hybrid approach to future meetings acknowledging the essential role of the Leadership Councils, as well as the timely need for the Forums. This approach will be implemented in the coming months.

Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC)

Thank you to the CAC, co-chaired by Michelle DiEmanuele and Dr. Thomas Forbes, for continuing to provide direction to the Board of Directors on cardiac, stroke, and vascular care. As some members are completing their terms, CorHealth will be working with remaining members of CAC to implement a plan to recruit new members as required over the next year.

Initiative Highlights

CorHealth has also been able to re-focus on work that was put on hold during the early days of the pandemic. This newsletter highlights some of these key initiatives:

We will provide further updates through Bulletins as required but, in the meantime, please call me if you have any questions at 416-512-7472 ext. 222.

Ms. Sheila Jarvis

Chief Executive Officer, CorHealth Ontario