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Lower-Limb Preservation Strategy

The CorHealth team has been busy developing Fiscal Year 2020/21 work plans and timelines to support lower-limb preservation in Ontario. Strategy deliverables include:

  • A Lower-Limb Preservation Framework (Lead: Dr. Christine Murphy, The Ottawa Hospital),
  • Measurement and Reporting Recommendations (Lead: Dr. Mohammed Al-Omran, St. Michael’s, Unity Health Toronto), and
  • Funding Policy Recommendations (Lead: Dr. Ahmed Kayssi, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre).

Workstream groups of Advisory Committee members have been working through the summer and into the fall on workplans to support these deliverables, with the following noteworthy progress:

  • Exciting work has begun in collaboration with Wounds Canada to develop a Pathway for Preventing and Managing Vascular Wounds.
  • Work is underway to define diabetes and peripheral artery disease patient cohorts and to identify outcome indicators for measurement and reporting.
  • Initial funding policy work is focused on conducting a current state assessment of Ontario funding sources and payment models for lower-limb preservation care with a goal to identify whether the current funding approach supports or represents a barrier to care.
  • Importantly, Patient and Family Advisors with lived experience are engaged in all aspects of this project, including a Patient and Family Advisor focused workshop that occurred in mid-October.

The Advisory Committee met on Friday September 18, 2020, and provided valuable input into the draft Pathway for Preventing and Managing Vascular Wounds and will meet again in November to validate the on-going work and provide input to guide the strategy into the new year.