Three icons depicting strategy and tactics, mapping and cloud integration.

Implementation of CorHealth’s Information & Digital Strategy

Data and information are at the core of what we do – whether they are used to drive evidence-informed practice, inform planning and resource allocation, or to measure and report on quality and outcomes. As we implement our Information and Digital Strategy, we are focused on reducing the data burden on our health service providers and continuing to enhance the value of our reporting.

This year you will see new reporting products and processes across cardiac, stroke, and vascular reporting that will strive to provide the following:

  1. Enhanced risk-adjustment models
  2. More coordinated reports
  3. Improved engagement with health service providers around the reports and results
  4. Enhanced reporting to cover more of the care continuum

To produce these reports, we are engaging multiple Task Groups from across our clinical domains and our Cardiac, Stroke, and Vascular Leadership Councils to inform the design, content, and dissemination of these reports. You can expect to see these reports to be released between January and June 2020.

We have already seen a reduction in data collection by decommissioning the Vascular Registry and the Society of Thoracis Surgeons (STS) database in May, with more data collection ending before the end of this fiscal year.

We are currently initiating a project to replace and modernize the CorHealth Registry and data collection practices, with cloud-based technologies and electronic data exchange capabilities. To inform this work, a Facility Readiness Assessment was completed with the participating cardiac centres in August, to provide insight into data collection practices, capabilities, and preferences, which will be incorporated into our change management and transition efforts. Our intension is to implement the new technology at CorHealth by the end of this fiscal year, followed by a project to migrate the participating cardiac centres to the new system next fiscal year.