Icon depicting stacked reports.

Evolution of CorHealth Ontario’s Measurement & Reporting

Data and information are at the core of what we do – whether they are used to drive evidence-informed practice, inform planning and resource allocation or to measure and report on quality and outcomes. In 2018/19 a key priority was to begin implementing our Information and Digital Strategy by defining our core data needs, reducing data collection burden on hospitals, and improving the value of our reporting. To support this, we engaged three Task Groups to make clear recommendations on how to enhance the value of our reporting across cardiac surgery, stroke and vascular.

In 2019/20 we will begin implementing changes that include:

  1. Enhancing risk-adjustment models
  2. Producing timelier and more coordinated reports
  3. Improving how we engage with health service providers around the reports and results
  4. Filling critical data gaps
  5. Enhancing our reporting to cover more of the care continuum

As we look forward, we are striving to further evolve our reporting to provide deeper insights into the value of the care provided and how well our healthcare system is serving the needs of the population. This will help identify opportunities for better integration in our healthcare system and further support improvements in population health.

For more information on planned measurement and reporting activities to occur in 2019/20, please click on the links below.