Letter from the CEO

As the province moves into Step 2 of Reopening this week, the health system is looking at plans to balance continued COVID-19 response while also moving into Recovering. To support these efforts, CorHealth and the Chairs of its Leadership Councils and Stakeholder Forums have been continuing to meet and align with the provincial efforts led by Dr. Chris Simpson and Ontario Health. Acknowledging the importance of ramping up procedure and surgery activities to pre-COVID-19 volumes, CorHealth-facilitated discussions on the need to focus on activities outside of the acute care space, including prevention and rehabilitation, while dealing with the significant HHR issues arising from the COVID 19 response. Thank you to all of our stakeholders for their continued dedication to cardiac, stroke, and vascular care for all Ontarians while also balancing the necessary care needs for COVID-19 patients.

CorHealth also held its Spring Leadership Council meetings throughout the beginning of June. These meetings included discussions about critical considerations for COVID-19 recovery planning, as well as opportunities for members to provide guidance and advice on key initiatives CorHealth has been moving forward throughout the pandemic, including performance reporting and funding initiatives , in partnership with the MOH. The Council Chairs subsequently reported into the Clinical Advisory Committee of the Board of Directors.

In addition, CorHealth Ontario and Ontario Health, together with the Ministry of Health, continue to work diligently to support a planned, seamless, transfer of CorHealth into Ontario Health later this year, likely around December 1, 2021. As noted previously, CorHealth Ontario is committed to ensuring that the quality and integrity of CorHealth’s deliverables for this year, will be maintained during the transfer process, so that all initiatives will continue as planned. It is important to note that there will be no staff reductions associated with this transfer and all existing CorHealth employees will be transferred into Ontario Health.

In this issue, we are focusing on some of the non-COVID-19 related work CorHealth is supporting, with our stakeholders, including the following highlights:

We will share further updates through Bulletins as required, but, in the meantime, please contact me if you’d like to discuss these updates further.

Ms. Sheila Jarvis,

Chief Executive Officer, CorHealth Ontario