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COVID-19 Stakeholder Forums

As our stakeholders contend with Wave 3 of COVID-19, CorHealth is hosting joint COVID-19 Stakeholder Forums for cardiac, stroke, and vascular participants, as required. The impetus for these Forums came from CorHealth’s stakeholders wanting an opportunity to share approaches to decision making about patient care during COVID-19, in order to provide some consistency across the province. The Forums provide updates from provincial COVID-19 Incident Management Tables, alignment to Ontario Health activities, and highlight timely issues and system level responses.

Through this platform, CorHealth will be serving as a conduit between our stakeholders and provincial decision-making tables. This is to ensure that CorHealth connects the pressing issues and themes brought forward by our stakeholders to decision makers during this time. Additionally, CorHealth will be providing current information on the clinical management of patients, as required, to meet the current demands for urgent and emergent care for cardiac, heart failure, stroke, vascular and cardiovascular rehabilitation patients during this time, from various decision-making tables, in a timely manner. For the short-term, these joint Stakeholder Forums will be scheduled weekly to address immediate pressures and concerns.