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Measurement and Reporting Update

In March 2020, the Vascular Volumes and Outcomes Report was released. This inaugural vascular performance report focuses on procedures for treatment of Aortic Disease and Lower Extremity Peripheral Artery Disease in Ontario. The report was shared with the province’s 20 Vascular Programs. Developed in collaboration with ICES and CorHealth Ontario’s (CorHealth) Vascular Measurement and Reporting Task Group (chaired by Dr. Charles de Mestral), the report aims to stimulate discussions regarding vascular performance and quality improvement, both at the provincial level and within individual hospital vascular programs in Ontario. CorHealth is currently holding calls with Vascular Programs to engage in a review and discussion of the report findings.

In early June 2020, CorHealth released the redesigned Ontario Stroke Report and a provincial infographic to stroke system stakeholders. This report contains significant enhancements for reporting of stroke system performance indicators, including enhanced indicator performance methodologies, expanded breadth of indicators to include new indicators for EVT, hyperacute care, and stroke rehabilitation, reviewed and updated methodologies for risk adjustment, and significantly enhanced indicator detail. The enhancements to the report were developed in consultation with various CorHealth working groups, including the Regional and District Advisory Committee (RDAC) (co-chaired by Stefan Pagliuso and Tammy Tebbutt), Stroke Evaluation and Quality Committee (SEQC) (co-chaired by Dr. Mark Bayley and Dr. Matthew Meyer), Stroke Reporting Working Group, and Rehabilitation Indicators Working Group. CorHealth hosted a knowledge transfer session to support stakeholders in understanding the new designed, analytics and visualizations so they can leverage the information provided to engage with their regional stakeholders.