Graphic of ambulance moving forward.

Emergency Vascular Referral Pathways

In the June issue of CorHealth Quarterly, we introduced the Emergency Vascular Referral Pathways project stating, “We believe that Ontarians who are at risk of losing a limb, or worse, their life, should get the right care quickly and closest to home.” Over the past five months, proud partners, CorHealth Ontario and CritiCall Ontario, met with a number of emergency vascular care stakeholders to discuss the current and potential future state of emergency vascular referral pathways in Ontario.

Stakeholder discussions were held with the Emergency Services Advisory Committee, Critical Care Services Ontario and twenty hospitals providing vascular services, together with their Local Health Integrated Network (LHIN). The purpose of these meetings was to share current information about emergency vascular referral pathways, results of an ‘optimized referral pathway’ preliminary impact analysis and to learn about perceived benefits, risks and consequences of optimizing emergency referral pathways for Ontarians who are experiencing a “Life or Limb” vascular emergency.

Our next step is to consolidate the feedback and use this information to inform and prioritize what actions should be taken in order to improve emergency vascular referral pathways that will benefit all Ontarians and the health care system.

On behalf of CorHealth Ontario and our partners, CritiCall Ontario, we would like to express a heartfelt thank you to all of our stakeholders for their thoughtful engagement, valuable feedback and recognition of the importance of this work. As this work progresses, updates will be featured in future issues of CorHealth Quarterly.

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