Chart depicting community outreach health care providers.

New Model Seeks To Transform Management and Coordination of Heart Failure Care

In collaboration with experts across the province, CorHealth Ontario is pleased to have produced the Chronic Heart Failure: General Information and Practical Tips for Healthcare Providers pocket guide that is aligned with the 2017 National Heart Failure Guidelines. These national guidelines recommend the need for an integrated systems approach to organizing care and helping improve outcomes for patients with heart failure.

CorHealth Ontario supports a spoke-hub-node model that facilitates system integration of care for heart failure within regional networks of diverse health care providers and teams. Information regarding the minimum standards for developing a spoke-hub-node model of care are available for download from the CorHealth website.

Effective integration of multidisciplinary care for patients with heart failure will help them:

  • Become active partners in their care with additional support where needed
  • Experience better care transitions
  • Improve their quality of life
  • Access the best health care possible, regardless of where they live in Ontario

The Integrated Heart Failure Care Initiative was launched to initiate the implementation of the spoke-hub-node organization of care within two early adopter teams. The initiative also includes implementation of the Heart Failure Quality Standard that will be released by Health Quality Ontario later this year. Lessons learned from this work will inform a provincial road map to support larger scale implementation.

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