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Vascular: Lower-Limb Preservation Strategy Updates

The Ontario Framework for Lower-Limb Preservation, an evidence-informed, best-practice roadmap that highlights the key care activities, minimum care requirements, and key considerations for the development of a regional model of care, is nearing completion. An accompanying Change Package has also been developed that provides actionable change ideas, tools, and resources from which lower-limb preservation providers, organizations and champions can adopt and/or adapt to improve lower-limb preservation care delivery, services, and outcomes regionally. These documents have undergone review by the Advisory Committee, chaired by Dr. Ahmed Kayssi, and will be finalized for endorsement at the October 2021 meeting before being shared provincially.

A Lower-Limb Preservation Measurement and Reporting Plan, including cohort definitions and indicators, is also being finalized for review by the workstream group and Advisory Committee this fall.

The focus of this work will shift to engaging with demonstration programs as an opportunity to test implementation of components of the framework across diverse regions in Ontario. In partnership with CorHealth, demonstration programs will identify regional needs, prioritize change opportunities, and develop, implement, and evaluate change action plans to optimize the delivery of best-practice lower-limb preservation care. Demonstration programs will then share key learnings and engage with CorHealth to co-develop a plan for provincial implementation of the Lower-Limb Preservation Strategy with the overall goal to reduce non-traumatic major lower-limb amputations in Ontario.