Clinical Tools and Resources for Implementation: Acute

A repository of clinical tools, protocols and guides to support implementation of stroke rehabilitation best practices across the stroke care continuum.

All Stroke/TIA Patients Requiring Inpatient Care are Admitted to an Acute Stroke Unit:

Best Practice Protocols for Prevention and Management of Complications

Oral Care Guidelines

Canadian Stroke Best Practices Acute Stroke and Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) Admission Order Set


CIHI Project 340

FAQ for CIHI Special Project 340

CBPR Project 340 Training Powerpoint

Stroke Units Toolkit

Stroke Unit Tool Kit

Stroke Unit Toolkit – Final Report

Stroke Units Contact List

Stroke Unit Visit Guide for site requesting the visit

Instructions for the Site Hosting the stroke unit visit

Sample outline template for Host site for day of visit

Interprofessional Team Care on Acute Stroke Unit:

Canadian Stroke Best Practices Table 3.3A Screening and Assessment Tools for Acute Stroke



StrokEngine-Assess has been created by a group of experts in stroke rehabilitation. Information is provided from quality scientific articles, websites and systematic reviews. StrokEngine-Assess provides information on outcome measures related to Stroke. After ‘clicking’ on a measure, the purpose of the measure is provided along with further options: In Depth Review, Psychometric Properties and See the Measure.

Visit StrokEngine-Assess Website

SWO Stroke Network Hemiplegic Arm Protocol


RNAO Care Transitions Guideline


E Stroke Rehab Referral Discharge Checklist


GTA Rehab Network Discharge / Transfer Checklist to Inpatient Rehab / CCC


HQO Report ‘Adopting a Common Approach to Transitional Care Planning’


Early Mobilization Within 24 Hours of Admission:

Canadian Best Practice Recommendations for Stroke Care (2013)


AlphaFIM® Instrument Completed on or by Day 3:

AlphaFIM Backgrounder

How to Use the AlphaFIM Software Portal

This document is intended for clinicians who are planning to become credentialed AlphaFIM® assessors. It is password protected for copyright reasons, your Regional Stroke Rehabilitation Coordinator will provide the password to clinicians prior to credentialing. The document contains information on UDSMR website portal for AlphaFIM® calculations. Please contact your Regional Stroke Rehabilitation Coordinator for more information.

How to Use the AlphaFIM Software Portal

AlphaFIM® FAQs for Clinicians

Triage Tools:

Hamilton Health Sciences Banding System

Champlain Regional Stroke Rehabilitation System Future State Process Map