Project Management Support


In this section of the toolkit, you will find a template for a Terms of Reference and a Project Charter. Once you have identified the clinical and administrative leadership across the spoke, hub and node, and have assembled a team of willing individuals, it may be helpful to document the group’s common purpose, the roles and responsibilities of group members, and how the group will operate. Documentation of this information serves as a helpful reminder to everyone involved of the accountabilities of the group and its members to the project purpose.

A Terms of Reference and Project Charter are two project management tools that are helpful in defining an initiative and in the “norming” phase of a new group of individuals coming together with a shared purpose. They are similar in content and could be used interchangeably, however a Terms of Reference usually defines a committee or group of people and how they will work together, whereas a Project Charter usually defines the project itself.

Both the Terms of Reference and the Project Charter templates include information that has been pre-populated within each section to help get you started. This information is only included as a guide, and you may revise/edit/delete as you deem appropriate, to be reflective of your particular group and goals.