Section 1: Admission to Stroke Unit

The Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations state that patients who have undergone EVT should be admitted to a Stroke Unit postoperatively. Stroke unit care reduces the likelihood of death and disability by as much as 30 percent for men and women of any age with mild, moderate, or severe stroke. Evidence suggests that stroke patients treated on acute stroke units have fewer complications, earlier mobilization, and pneumonia is recognized earlier.

Patients should be treated in a geographically defined unit, as per the CorHealth Ontario stroke unit definition, A geographical unit with identifiable co-located beds (eg 5A -7, 5A-8, 5A-9, 5A-10, 5A-11) that are occupied by stroke patients 75% of the time* and has a dedicated inter-professional team with expertise in stroke care with the following professionals at a minimum nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathologist.