Secondary Stroke Prevention Resources

Secondary Stroke Prevention was identified as a provincial priority by the Regional and District Advisory Committee (RDAC) for 2019-2020. A group of clinical experts comprised of front-line clinicians and Regional Stroke Network representatives from across the 11 Regional Stroke Networks developed a workplan based on the following criteria:

  • Top priorities identified in the Secondary Stroke Prevention Clinic Core Elements self-assessment completed by all stroke regions in 2018
  • Aligned with the Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations (CSBPR)
  • Feasibility to complete in 1 year
  • Within our scope

Stroke Prevention Resources

Five resources were developed to operationalize core elements of Ontario’s Stroke Prevention Clinics and to further enhance and support system-wide performance and outcomes for persons with transient ischemic attack (TIA) or minor non-disabling stroke. Elements of the documents are modifiable to reflect available resources in regional and local settings and the ability to add logos. Please share and promote these documents with your regional and local stakeholders:

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These Tools were developed by the Stroke Prevention Clinic Provincial Integrated Workgroup with input from the Stroke Prevention Clinic Nursing Interest Group, Patient and Family Advisory Groups and the Stroke Regional and District Advisory Committee