Cardiac QPMM Resources

In the fall of 2017, CorHealth Ontario (CorHealth) initiated a Quality Performance Measurement & Monitoring (QPMM) Cycle with all cardiac programs, the Ministry of Health (MOH), and LHINs. The purpose of this cycle is to provide a platform for regular measurement and monitoring of key quality metrics for cardiac services, and to support dialogue and share learnings across the province. The QPMM Quality Scorecard is used as a tool to drive quality improvement across the province by supporting the QPMM Cycle discussions. The Scorecard currently features two clinical areas of focus: Timely Access to Reperfusion Therapy for ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI), and Effective Use of Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization (CATH). These were selected because they have been identified as provincial priorities or areas where system improvement is possible, and were developed in consultation with CorHealth’s clinical working groups and the MOH. Following the discussions, CorHealth summarizes key findings and themes and distributes these summaries to all stakeholders who attended the calls to support sharing learnings across the province.

QPMM STEMI Discussion Summaries and Resources

QPMM CATH Discussion Summaries and Resources

QPMM Discussions on COVID-19