Stroke Triage Education ACT-FAST

Below you will find both a slide deck PowerPoint presentation as well as link to case-study videos. The purpose of the this slide deck is to be used and or adapted by organizations in collaboration with their Regional Stroke Networks to operationalize implementation of the ACT-FAST tool. The slide deck provides a background on endovascular therapy for stroke; reviews changes in acute stroke care management and provides an overview of the ACT-FAST (Ambulance Clinical Triage for Acute Stroke Treatment). The slide deck has been created so that it can be contextualized to local settings and is intended for use by organizations educators/managers, when working with regional stroke networks to operationalize implementation of the ACT-FAST tool. This slide deck offers information designed for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for, nor does it replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with a physician or other appropriate health care providers regarding medical or health related diagnoses or treatment options.

The case study videos are meant to go hand in hand with the case studies in the slide deck so need to be posted alongside the PowerPoint.