COVID-19 Resource Centre

DISCLAIMER: The information in this resource centre represents general guidance based on current practice and available evidence. The documents in the resource centre were developed by provincial clinical experts, reflecting best knowledge at the time of writing, and is subject to revision based on changing circumstances and conditions. This information is intended to be “guidance rather than directive,” and is not meant to replace clinical judgment. Reference to Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the documents should not replace or supersede the IPAC and PPE protocols or directives in place at your hospital.

Updates on COVID-19

CorHealth Ontario (CorHealth) developed this resource centre to share the most recent updates on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as relevant resources for our stakeholders. You are encouraged to check this page regularly as updates are anticipated on a frequent basis.

Clinical-specific documents will be uploaded as they become available and can be found using the left-hand navigation for: COVID-19 Resource Centre, CorHealth Memos & Documents, CorHealth Stakeholder Forum Meetings, General Cardiac Resources, General Stroke Resources, General Vascular Resources, and Archive. The Archive section will contain older links for reference and review as needed.

Updates will be made to this resource centre on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:30am.

Note: the documents are being made available for sharing purposes only to support organizations as they navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19. If you have resources or tools you would like to share on this site, please send them to



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