Icon depicting governance chart structure.

New Opportunities for Provincial Engagement – Redesign of Our Advisory and Working Group Structure

CorHealth Ontario’s foundations are built on the impactful and lasting work of our legacy organizations. It is with great responsibility that we plan how to best build on their important work.

With our new Strategic Plan serving as our roadmap for the next five years, we are now responsible for the evolution of our organization and its people to meet our vision. A core strength of CorHealth Ontario is the network of experts and thought leaders across our three clinical domains who generously give their time to champion, inform and support work to achieve our vision.

Our legacy organizations – the Cardiac Care Network and the Ontario Stroke Network – had more than 27 advisory and working groups between them. When we became CorHealth Ontario, a need emerged to understand the membership, roles and work of the various groups and how they supported the mandate of the legacy organizations. This led to an opportunity to identify enhanced structures and more diverse membership to support and align to the delivery of CorHealth Ontario’s new strategic plan.

With stakeholder input and guidance, CorHealth Ontario has redesigned its advisory and working group structure to ensure we draw on our network’s expertise in collaborative, integrated manner across our three clinical domains and full continuum of care.

CorHealth Ontario is committed to remaining nimble and flexible to accommodate emerging priorities as we leverage this new structure to support the organization. We are excited to announce that we are launching three new leadership councils this fall, one for each clinical domain, that brings experts across the full continuum of care, representatives of our programs and hospitals, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, LHINs and partners together to discuss provincial priorities. By having a diverse group of stakeholders at the same table, we ensure we have the right people at the right tables to inform the new organization and drive system improvement.

We look forward to working with you! Stay tuned for more information on the new model and how you may get involved in the coming months.