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Getting Ontarians the Vascular Care They Need Faster and Closer to Home

Time is of the essence when a patient is experiencing a vascular emergency. We believe that Ontarians who are at risk of losing a limb, or worse, their life, should get the right care quickly and closest to home.

To get there, this summer, CorHealth Ontario is proud to partner with CritiCall Ontario to improve the referral pathways for emergency vascular patients. When implemented, the referral pathways will be a key tool supporting provision of timely care for Ontarians who are experiencing a “life or limb” vascular emergency.

Based on review of existing vascular services provided in Ontario, this important project will optimize the referral pathways to be used by CritiCall Ontario to support the efficient transfer of vascular emergency patients to their nearest hospital equipped to handle their care.

The referral pathways will take into account a hospital’s capacity to manage these emergencies. CorHealth Ontario’s aim is to create an effective referral system that is dynamic, efficient and meets the needs of Ontarians at the time of crisis.

Look for an update on this project in the next issue of CorHealth Quarterly.