What does CorHealth Ontario do?

CorHealth Ontario is an organization formed by the merger of the Cardiac Care Network and the Ontario Stroke Network. In June 2017, we became CorHealth Ontario, with an expanded mandate spanning cardiac, stroke and vascular care in the province.

We proudly advise the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Local Health Integration Networks, hospitals, and care providers to improve the quality, efficiency, accessibility and equity of cardiac, stroke and vascular services for patients across Ontario.

Last year, CorHealth Ontario launched its inaugural Strategic Plan, which marked an essential step towards the unification of our organization and the creation of a cohesive path to improved care in Ontario.

The 2017-22 Strategic Plan articulates three strategic directions to which we align our work:

  1. Drive evidence-informed practice
  2. Inform planning, access and resource allocation
  3. Measure and report on quality and outcomes.

Common to all three strategic direction is a need for quality data and information. To that end, CorHealth Ontario developed an Information and Digital Strategy that, when implemented, will help us collect data in a more efficient and forward-thinking way, leverage data that already exists, and optimize the use of the collected data to support quality improvement.

Steadfast in our vision to achieve the best cardiac, vascular and stroke care for all Ontarians, CorHealth Ontario is committed to advocating for services that are safe, effective, patient-centred, timely, efficient and equitable across the province.

We’re always looking to expand our network. Our success lies in our partnerships with cardiac, stroke and vascular experts and thought leaders across Ontario. To join our contact list, please send us an e-mail oh-corh_service@ontariohealth.ca.