CorHealth Ontario Continues to Support Cardiac, Stroke and Vascular Care

Operations Continue During COVID-19 Pandemic


CorHealth Ontario (CorHealth) acknowledges the measures currently being implemented by the Ministry of Health and the Government of Canada to ensure the health and safety of all citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic. As of March 16, 2020, CorHealth staff have continued to conduct full operations remotely, working from home. CorHealth recognizes the increased burden on our stakeholders as a result of COVID-19 and as such, I wanted to highlight the following considerations:

  • CorHealth is coordinating teleconferences with the Leadership Council and Clinical Advisory Committee Chairs to discuss emerging patient care issues that would benefit from input/planning at a provincial level. Subsequent teleconferences with broader membership will be planned in the coming week.
  • All previously scheduled engagements and meetings will continue but will be conducted virtually, until further notice. (e.g. Board and Board sub-committee meetings; the Aortic Valve Implantation (AVI) Model of Care Project).
  • Reports will be shared on their originally-planned release dates. We will assess the availability and need for associated orientation webinars and/or engagement calls and defer this follow-up activity as necessary (i.e., the new Vascular Volumes & Outcomes Report).
  • We are working with Cardiac stakeholders to ensure that Registry wait list entries reflect any deferred cardiac procedures as a result of COVID-19 by marking them as Delayed with the reason being Provincial Emergency Directive.

CorHealth’s priority is to ensure minimal disruption and continues to focus on business priorities while actively engaging with the Ministry of Health. Understanding the unpredictability of the current landscape, CorHealth will continue to inform stakeholders as new updates become available.

For any questions, please contact Graham Woodward, SVP, at graham.woodward@corhealthontario.ca or Cathy Cattaruzza, VP, at cathy.cattaruzza@corhealthontario.ca.


Sheila Jarvis

CEO, CorHealth Ontario