Tobacco Use Cessation QI Plan Template

Quality Dimension Objective Measure/Indicator Planned improvement
initiatives (Change Ideas)
Process measures Change ideas (2015/16)
Population Health; Efficency; Effectiveness; Patient-centered; Access; Safety Increase number of patients who abstain from tobacco use % of eligible patients screened for tobacco use status EMR-focused: data discipline % of patients with tobacco use status documented in EMR 1. EMR reminders to promt primary care providers to ASK. Sytematic tools for documentation
% of eligible patient advised to quit tobacco use Patient: decision support focused % of patients with tobacco use status as current/former tobacco user 2. Provider supports and education
% patients with dedicated tobacco use cessation consult and/or follow-up Provider: decision support aids % of patients who received advice to quit from HCP. 3. Patient decision supports
% of patients with dedicated tobacco use cessation consultation or follow-up (in-person, community support, automated,…) 4. pharmacological prescribing
5. Behavioural support
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Vascular Health Primary Care Work Group
Last Updated: February 3, 2017