Non-Cardiac Vascular Quality-Based Procedure Resource Centre

Quality–Based Procedures (QBPs) are specific groups of patient services that offer opportunities for health care providers to share best practices that will allow the system to achieve even better quality and system efficiencies.

QBPs involve clusters of patients with clinically related diagnoses or treatments. The Non-Cardiac Vascular (NCV) QBP was chosen using an evidence- and quality-based selection framework that identifies opportunities for process improvements, clinical redesign, improved patient outcomes, enhanced patient experience, and potential cost savings.

The evidence-based framework assessed patients as presented in Figure 1. This framework identified QBPs that have the potential to both improve quality outcomes and reduce costs.

Figure 1. Evidence-Based Framework

Evidence-Based Framework.

Two NCV QBPs currently exist:

  1. Aortic Aneurysm (AA); and
  2. Lower Extremity Occlusive Disease (LEOD)

NCV QBP Clinical Handbooks serve as a compendium of evidence and clinical consensus, define episodes of care and provide best-practice recommendations for patient care and indicators to monitor for ongoing quality improvement. CorHealth and working groups of clinical, technical and health data experts and other stakeholders have played an integral role in the initial planning, development and revision of the NCV QBP Clinical Handbooks.

The NCV QBP Clinical Handbooks were most recently updated in March 2022 and can be accessed by clicking the links below:

For clinical questions related to the NCV QBP, please contact the CorHealth Ontario Service Desk at

For questions related to QBP funding, please contact the Ministry of Health at