Roadmap for Improving Integrated Heart Failure Care

The purpose of “Roadmap for Improving Integrated HF Care” is to provide recommendations and guidance to heart failure (HF) care providers and leaders across Ontario around implementing integrated and evidence-based HF care. In doing so, the following outlines the Integrating Heart Failure Care Initiative (IHFCI), and presents the learnings gained from 3 Early Adopter Teams in Ontario. The key learnings have been used to inform recommendations around how to implement a model of integrated care delivery and a HF care quality standard.

The recommendations in this Roadmap aim to answer two questions:

  • How do we implement integrated HF care?
  • How do we ensure HF care being provided meets a standard of quality?

Through testing by implementation at the 3 Early Adopter Teams in 2018/19, CorHealth Ontario’s Heart Failure Roadmap Task Group worked to refine the critical considerations that were agreed as a necessary lens through which to prioritize recommendations in each phase.

This Roadmap for Improving Integrated HF Care is described in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Getting Started
  • Phase 2: Taking Action
  • Phase 3: Sustaining, Scaling Up and Spreading

Within each phase, the following information is provided:

  • An overview of the phase;
  • Recommendations around what should be done during that phase;
  • ‘Practical Tips’ which include some helpful considerations gleaned from the Early Adopter Teams’ experiences; and
  • Suggestions around what to look for ‘From the Toolkit’ to apply as enablers of that recommendation.


Click here to download “A Roadmap for Improving Integrated HF Care”.