Patient and Caregiver Engagement


Meaningful engagement of patients and caregivers in Ontario’s healthcare planning and transformation is increasingly held as an expectation and a necessity in order to deliver patient-centred care. For care to be centred on patients, they and their caregivers must be actively engaged in discussions around healthcare planning and decision-making. For some providers, administrators and organizations, working with patients and caregivers as advisors and co-designers in healthcare planning may be a new endeavor. Below are some helpful tools and resources on patient and caregiver engagement, from the Change Foundation.

The Change Foundation is a health policy think tank that engages in an array of projects and partnerships aimed at improving Ontario’s health care system. One of their areas of focus has been on patient and caregiver engagement in health system transformation. Their tremendous work in this area has resulted in a number of insightful and useful tools and reports to guide others in patient and caregiver engagement. For more information, visit their website at