Evaluative Report

The Evaluative Report is a compendium of activities, learnings, and reflections from each of the IHFCI early adopter teams.

The information contained within this Evaluative Report is intended for those interested in connecting with other local health care providers to work together on implementing an integrated approach to heart failure care. It tells the stories of the Early Adopter Teams as they embarked on the Integrating Heart Failure Care Initiative in 2018/19. The work of the Early Adopter Teams resulted in a wealth of experiences and learnings around implementing integrated, quality heart failure care, which informed the recommendations in the Roadmap. However, it was not possible to include all the details of their ‘lived experiences’ within the Roadmap.

This Evaluative Report serves as a rich repository of activity descriptions, project artifacts, and reflections from the Early Adopter Teams on their process of implementing integrated heart failure care. For teams that are interested in transforming the delivery of heart failure care in their local context, the information in this document can help answer the question “where do we begin?”

Of note, there was no singular approach taken to implementing integrated HF care. Each Early Adopter Team had a unique journey, with very different starting points and outcomes. Although CorHealth Ontario was able to support the work at the Early Adopter Teams, the road ahead is long as these committed teams continue to construct and refine their local integrated HF care models. Individual’s names have been left out of this document to respect privacy.

For those interested in speaking with team members from the Early Adopter Teams to learn more, please contact CorHealth Ontario to be connected with the appropriate individuals. The reports that follow were prepared by the Project Managers of each Early Adopter Team, in consultation with their project teams.


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