Section 2: Repatriation / Communication

Due to the time sensitive nature of EVT, patients identified as potential EVT candidates are considered under the provincial “Life or Limb” policy. Repatriations may be initiated as soon as the patient is medically stable. This repatriation can be done from the ED or after the patient has been admitted, depending on patient need.

For patients that are admitted, the “Life or Limb” policy Guiding Principle and Responsibilities state:

“Repatriation within a best effort window of 48 hours once a patient is deemed medically stable and suited for transfer is key to ensure ongoing access for patients with life or limb threatening conditions.”

For ongoing acute care admission, patients receiving EVT should be admitted to a stroke unit. Therefore, patients receiving EVT should be repatriated back to the closest hospital with a stroke unit for usual stroke unit care.