Stroke Core Competency Framework


The Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations (CSBPR) provide a framework of evidence-based recommendations for healthcare providers working with persons with stroke. Though best practices in stroke care are well established, there continue to be gaps in knowledge translation and the integration of new research into clinical practice is often delayed. It is recommended health care providers receive education and training to support the provision of evidence-based, best practice stroke care. Stroke competencies among clinicians, reflective of the best practice guidelines, are a cornerstone of effective stroke care. There was variability across the region for stroke orientation. To encourage the provision of evidence-based, best-practice stroke care the Provincial Interprofessional Stroke Core Competency Framework was developed in 2016. In 2022, the Provincial Interprofessional Stroke Core Competency Framework was reviewed, stakeholders were engaged for their feedback and changes were made to the framework to align with updated stroke best practices. The framework was rebranded to the Stroke Core Competency Framework (SCCF) for healthcare providers working in Ontario.


The SCCF is intended to provide healthcare providers with an accessible, comprehensive self-assessment tool to help identify specific learning objectives to support best practices in stroke care.

Target Population:

This tool can be used by both new and experienced healthcare providers working across the continuum of stroke care.

Feedback Survey:

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