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Clinical Assessment Tools


This module provides an overview of 30 of the most commonly used assessment tools in stroke rehabilitation research and practice (Chapter 21 of the EBRSR). For each outcome measure the following five questions are addressed: 1) what does it measure, 2) what is the scale, 3) what are the key scores, 4) what are its strengths, and 5) what are its limitations. A summary chart relating to the reliability, validity, and responsiveness of each measure is also presented.

Last update: October 2013


Katherine Salter PhD (cand.), Nerissa Campbell PhD, Marina Richardson MSc, Swati Mehta PhD (cand.), Jeffrey Jutai PhD, Laura Zettler MSc, Matthew Moses BA, Andrew McClure MSc, Rachel Mays BSc (cand.), Norine Foley MSc, and Robert Teasell MD.

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Target: Healthcare Professionals working in stroke care along the continuum.