On-Site Review

We look forward to meeting you! A member of our team will be in touch to book your On-Site Review. The goal of this visit is for a CorHealth Ontario representative to observe your facility on a regular day of operation.

Please note that due to high registration volumes, scheduling of facility visits may take longer than initially anticipated. We thank you for your patience.

CorHealth Ontario will:

  1. Assign two reviewers to your facility
    These are the people who will come to conduct your On-Site Review. All Reviewers are experienced Cardiac Sonographers with extensive knowledge of the EQI Program, patient safety and the demands placed upon Echocardiography facilities and your staff.

    If you have questions or concerns about the Reviewer assigned to your facility, please contact us at eqi@corhealthontario.ca.

  2. Scheduling of On-Site Review
    Following the Reviewer Assignment, a member of the EQI Team will contact you to schedule your On-Site Review. The length of the visit can vary depending on the size of your facility. Smaller facilities may take 1 day, whereas a large academic facility may take several days. The Medical and Technical Directors must be present and available during the Site Visit.

    All echocardiography facilities/sites, whether mobile or fixed, will need to be reviewed as part of the EQI Program.

  3. On-Site Review
    The CorHealth Ontario reviewer will focus their visit on your echocardiographic facility, the equipment and standard operating procedures. They will also observe a patient going through their procedure (TTE, SE and/or TEE). Reviewers focus on patient safety, image acquisition protocols, scheduling, communication, patient management and confidentiality.
  4. On-Site Technical Image and Reporting Review
    Reviewers will use the on-site Echocardiography Information Management System (EIMS) to review the quality and completeness of the images that constitute a study. The Reporting Review also relies on the EIMS to review the completeness, consistency and quality of the final reports (TTE, SE and/or TEE studies). The number of studies reviewed depends on the number of physicians and modalities offered at the facility. Site Reviewers need access to all studies dating back 6 months. From these, they will select random studies (TTE, SE, and/or TEE images), both with and without pathology. Privacy is required to expedite the review. Should the insights of a Physician Assessor be required we may request that studies be submitted to CorHealth. Our goal is to share back with you meaningful feedback for quality improvement.

    To prepare for the On-Site Review, please ensure the following staff, material and equipment are present:

    • The Medical Director – to answer questions the Site Reviewer may have.
    • The Technical Director – to coordinate review, provide a tour of the facility and to answer questions
    • Any other staff members to answer questions about their role and the facility
    • Your policy and procedure manual
    • Site Reviewers will observe each type of examination on the day of the visit (patient consent required). We will work with you to schedule the visit so that each modality performed at the site, has scheduled patients on the day of the visit
    • Case Studies (images and accompanying reports) must be available on location for each modality performed at your facility for the Site Reviewer.
    • Case Studies will be evaluated according to the “Standards” and will include:
      • Indication
      • Study quality
      • Image acquisition
      • Interpretation
      • Validation
      • Quality of the report

Other considerations in preparation of the site visit:

  • Ensure equipment maintenance logbooks are available onsite
  • When applicable, notify the Reprocessing Department Manager and arrange for a tour

If you have any questions about this step, please send us an e-mail to eqi@corhealthontario.ca and a member of our team would be happy to assist you.