Document Review

Once you’ve registered in the EQI Program, we ask that you submit key documents and policies to let us get to know your facility. We’ve found that, on average, it takes approximately two to three weeks for facilities to prepare their documents to be submitted.

You can make all of your submissions on the EQI uploading portal which you can access by logging into your account . Documents must be in PDF format.

We recommend you start with the following three required pieces:

  1. Facility Agreement. The Facility Agreement outlines the accreditation process, and is a requirement for participating in the EQI Program. If you work at more than one facility, you’ll need to sign a separate Agreement for each site. Please send signed Facility Agreements to
  2. Attestation Form. This form is a confirmation of your compliance with the 2015 Standards for Provision of Echocardiography in Ontario and a verification of your professional training in echocardiography. Note: This form must be completed by all medical staff that performs and/or interprets echocardiography in your organization.
  3. Specific documents from your facility’s Policy and Procedure Manual. We ask that you submit a few documents for our review in advance. For a list of those required, please click here. Unfortunately, we cannot proceed with step 3, the On-Site Review, unless you’ve successfully uploaded your documents.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 416-512-7472, or e-mail us at

To submit documents now, login by clicking here or go to Member Login at the top of the page. Please do not send personal health information (PHI).