Applying for the EQI Program

The EQI accreditation process includes two phases. Phase 1 is an initial assessment to ensure facilities and staff have the appropriate qualifications, setting, equipment and policies/protocols in place prior to performing echocardiographic exams. Satisfactory completion of Phase 1 provides the facility with EQI Provisional Accreditation status and approval to proceed.

Note:EQI Provisional Accreditation must be granted prior to applying to the Ministry of Health to receive echocardiography billing privileges or commencing echocardiography services. Echocardiography services performed prior to receiving EQI Provisional Accreditation are not payable by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) and cannot be charged to the patient.

Once EQI Provisional Accreditation is granted, the facility can proceed to the second phase of the EQI Program. In this Phase, quality and capability are assessed through an on-site review at each location, and includes an observation of an exam and a review of randomly selected completed cases. Facilities will then receive recommendations for quality improvements (if necessary) to meet Standards. A Certificate of Accreditation is awarded once a site is deemed to have met Standards. Certificates are issued for each site within a facility.

Note: A facility may consist of a single clinic location providing echocardiography services or may have multiple locations under the same clinic name. Each location is referred to as a site.

Your participation in the EQI Program begins with an Application. Please e-mail with your interest and an EQI team member will contact you to start the process. In this step, we will ask you to provide information about your facility and your colleagues.

Please review the EQI Accreditation Overview for more information, including eligibility to participate in the program. Contact the EQI Program to begin your application process.

The following are key documents to let us get to know your facility.

  1. Application Form. Ensure you have reviewed the Application and Overview before submitting an application.
  2. Facility Agreement. The Facility Agreement outlines the accreditation process, and is a requirement for participating in the EQI Program. If you work at more than one facility, you’ll need to sign a separate Agreement for each site. Please send signed Facility Agreements in with your Application.
  3. Physician Attestation of Qualifications Form. This form is a confirmation of your compliance with the 2015 Standards for Provision of Echocardiography in Ontario and a verification of your professional training in echocardiography. Note: This form must be completed by all medical staff that performs and/or interprets echocardiography in your organization.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 416-512-7472, or e-mail us at