Guide for Using this Framework

Guide for using the Stroke Core Competency Frameworks

The 12 STEPS to Success:

(Designed for individual use but can be modified to accommodate a team approach)

  1. Review FAQs
  2. Print the PDF Self-Rating Scale document
  3. Choose your Discipline Specific Framework and look at each of the 16 competencies individually
  4. Read through learning objectives for each competency considering the competency as a whole
  5. Using the printed Self-Rating Scale document, enter the number that most closely reflects your knowledge/skill/experience for each of the 16 competencies
  6. Highlight the ones with the lowest scores and start with these
  7. Work on one competency at a time (Please note that the amount of time required for completion will vary depending on individual circumstances and original knowledge base)
  8. Review the suggested resources to help you learn the content of the objectives for each competency (Note: Some of the resources are repeated as occasionally a particular reference is the best resource for multiple objectives)
  9. Complete the relevant evaluation section for each learning objective
  10. Document your new self-rating score and the date you completed each competency
  11. Keep a portfolio of your evaluations; this will assist you in meeting respective college requirements, help with identifying stroke specific learning goals for performance appraisals, and serve as an individual ongoing learning tool
  12. Celebrate your success!

Download the Guide here

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